Why T Booth – what makes us different

Smartly delivered - Quality assured

T Booth Engineering is accredited to ISO 9001 – this means our customers can be confident that we are producing quality results every time, giving you consistently high quality services.  Our ISO 9001 certification means we can meet the needs of most tender requirements for clients seeking evidence that tried and tested quality management systems are in place.

In the world of precision measurement, we know that even minute differences in atmospheric conditions can have huge impacts—to the point that parts manufactured within spec can fail inspection and be needlessly reworked or even scrapped. To avoid the risk of this happening, we offer inspection of equipment in a temperature-controlled environment.

Our bespoke measuring services mean that if you have a part that is too large for your own CMM, we can bring our Mitutoyo Crysta Apex 122010 into play. This has a measuring volume of 2005mm x 1205mm x 1005mm and can be programmed offline around a CAD model. It can measure as small as 15 microns.