Precision CNC machining

Over the years we have invested wisely in a range of CNC machinery enabling us to meet most customers needs.

Conventional machining

A large collection of conventional machines allows us to turn up to 1 metre diameter by 3 metres long. Our largest mill is a twin column machine with a 14-metre table. 

Large welded fabrications

We supply fabrications to the special purpose machine industry and test rigs to the aerospace sector so have plenty of experience to offer.

Laser cutting service

The 4kw Bystar has twin cutting tables which can accommodate 300mm by 1500mm sheets and is capable of cutting 20mm Mild steel, 15mm Stainless steel and 12mm aluminium.

Sheet metal fabrications

We are experienced in working mild steel, stainless 304 and 316 aluminium as well as less common materials such as brass, copper and different grades of shim.

Inspection services

If you have a part that is too large for your own CMM, our Mitutoyo Crysta Apex 122010 has a measuring volume of 2005mm x 1205mm x 1005mm and can be programmed offline using a CAD model.