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TBooth Engineering

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Large Form Factor 6 Axis Machining Centre Purchased As Part of Our Continuous Investment

The MTE RT 30-16 machining centre has an automatic indexing universal head with a full rotary table measuring 1600mm x 1200mm. The maximum table load is a hefty 10 tonnes and is able to rotate a part well over 2000mm in diameter and 1400mm high.


X Axis - 3000mm ... Y Axis - 1200mm ... Z Axis - 1500mm

A Axis - 2.5° Indexing on head

B Axis - 1° Indexing on head

C Axis - Full Rotary on Table (Max Swing 2 Meters)

Maximum Table Load - 10,000kg

60 Tool ATC + Renishaw Probing

The machine has a BT50 spindle taper with a maximum speed of 4000rpm and is expected to go into production May 2016.