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TBooth Engineering

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T Booth Engineering - Gallery

Below is a sample of some of the products manufactured at our Cheltenham based facility.

A350 Undercarriage Test Rig

Final in line boring of part of a test rig for the A350 undercarriage. The hole shown being bored is 165mm diameter.

Heavy Machining Ability

The largest part started as a solid billet weighing in at 10 tons. After machining  on our 10 meter bed 5 axis Correa it weighed in at a mere 5.4 tons. The overall height of the part when finished is 1800mm and the shaft running through it is 165mm diameter.

Undercarriage Test Block

Machined from a solid steel billet the finished part weighed 2100kg.

Sheet Metal

Sheet metal mould used in the oil and gas industry.

Special Jigs & Fixtures

Machining fixture for Messier Dowty

Special Jigs & Fixtures

Machining fixture for A350 undercarriage components.

Large Machined Fabrications

Drop test rig for A350 undercarriage


Size Is Everything

Measuring over 2.5 metres in diameter this fabrication is part of a mould tool for the oil and gas industry.

One Stop Shop

These A350 build line transportation trollies were manufactured in house complete including paint and final assembly.

Assembly & Finishing

A350 build transportation trollies

Sheet Metal & Fabrication

A350 build line transportation trollies.

Final Assembly

Transportation trolley - A350